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Betel box from Philippines

Museum card

Silver inlayed brass

Areca nuts

Sliced Areca

Calcium Hydroxide

Corrosive, you know

With betel leaves

This cutter is missing bells

Simple cutter from India

Well-used Indian cutter

Cutter and the nut

Bird themed cutter

Double cutter

Double cutter as a weapon

Guillotine cutter

Steel cutter f

Large and meant for business




Another fanciful bird

Peacock guillotine cutter

Betel pounder


Other side of relief carving

Pounder and mortar f

For those who have no teeth

Chopping the pieces finer

They may not be able to chew their quid

Betel box from Myanmar

Hand painted images

Three nesting containers

Cutter from Myanmar

Hidden face

Betel crusher from Papua New Guinea

Hand carved

Detail of carving

Shallow mortar

Cutter from Borneo

Iron blade shows its age

Sea horse


Most of the gold is gone

Dragon head

Large Hintha cutter from Myanmar

Large combination tool

Blade partly extended

Blade for cutting husks

elephant like

Small Hintha cutter from Myanmar

British betel toothpaste f

Slide hammer nut cracker

Lime tin from India

Lime tin from Cambodia

Traveling kit from Indonesia

Betel box from India

Many compartments inside

Simple kit from India

Lime compartments

ready for travel

Line container from Bali f

Silver box from Myanmar

Deep repousse

Betel leaf holder

Betel box from Cambodia

Betel bird box from India

Turning the neck locks the wings in place

Lime container from Timor

Close up

Betel box from Myanmar

With nesting containers

Images of Nats

Ancient Burmese spirit Gods

Watch a movie

Iron cutter from Java

Sea dragon

Like characters from Wayang Kulit

A necessary betel nut accessory

Unless you want to spit on the street