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Neuronal Nicotinic Receptors

Alpha-BTX sensitive receptors
High affinity nicotine receptors
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Understanding alpha7

Cholinergic hypojunction and disuse, Picture from S. Arneric
Alpha 7 receptors are fast
Alpha7 responses require correction
Alpha7 receptors contrast to NMDA R
TMA is a good agonist for neuronal R
Choline is a selective alpha7 agonist
Physiological [Choline] can desensitize
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Beta-subunit receptors are as slow as our methods
HR #2
Mixed Function (1)
Response profiles are species dependent
Anabaseine derivitives are alpha7 selective
Human receptors and GTS-21
GTS-21 and other anabaseine derivitives have both agonist and antagonist properties
GTS-21 improves learning in an animal model of cholinergic hypofunction
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